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CATTLE WANTED: These are cattle we are actively searching for to fill orders. Contact Boe Robbie at  406.855.0051

Wanted Approximate Head Count Weight Range Delivery Range Comments
Feeder Steers 500+ 650+ Immediate thru March Top Quality, All Black
Feeder Steers 500+ 500-700 March thru May Good Quality, Steers preferred
Weaned Heifers 500-600 550-700 April May Delivery Weaned, Green enough for Grass
GAP Certified Cattle 300-400 500-650 Any Delivery Steers or Heifers
GAP Certified or Certified Natural Steers or Heifers 300-400 650+ Any Delivery Steers or Heifers
Waygu Feeders Load Lots 500+ Any Delivery Steers or Heifers