E Bar E Ranch - Full Cow Herd Dispersion!

Selling all of the E Bar E Ranch Cows! Video & More Info to Come!

The E Bar E Ranch of Big Timber, MT is selling all of its cows after the ranch recently sold. These cows were owned by the ranch and run in partnership with the Cross Triangle Ranch. All Cows carry the Cross Triangle Brand and the E Bar E on the left hip. The cows are all in good shape and set to calve Starting March 15th to May 20th. Sired by Bar Nothing Simmental/Angus Bulls.

Approximately 60% of the Cows are Home Raised, Black Angus Cows sired by Indreland Black Angus; 30% were purchased as replacements from the Bar Nothing Ranch (Same source as Breeding Bulls; will be Sim Angus Cross) and 10% from another local ranch. The purchased cows will have the Bar O or DE Brand also.

  • Available to view in person at Park City, MT (25 miles West of Billings) at the ConneXion Feedlot on January 15 thru January 22nd.
    • Call or Text Boe Robbie at 406.855.0051 to set up appointments.
  • Cows are preg tested and mouthed by All Creatures Veterinary Clinic. -Dr. Jason Hasbrook DVM
  • Cows Bred to Calve Starting March 15th through May 15th. Vast majority inside 1st and 2nd cycles.
  • Any Late Calvers after May 20th were sold in the fall. 
    • Age listed will be age as of calving
    • 82 Head Running Age Cows 5-7 Years Old
    • 45 Head Solid Mouth Cows 7-10 Years Old
    • 50 Head Broken Mouth Cows 6-10 Years Old
    • PDF Fact Sheet with age breakdown at right of screen --------->

Online Auction Open so you can bid anytime until 6:00pm January 22nd!

Cattle will ship January 26th-27th. Inquire if you need help setting up shipping arrangements.

Contact us to come view the cattle in Person!

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  Starts 1/15/2021 12:00:00 PM MT
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