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Alder, MT - 6 YO Bred Cows

30 Hd 100% Black Angus Cows, May/June Calving - Ship April 12-24

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TAKE A LOOK HERE! THESE COWS HAVE GREAT FLESH AND CONDITION ON THEM WITHOUT BEING FED A SINGLE STEM OF HAY ALL YEAR. We've marketed a lot of cows this year but this group is by far in the best flesh we've seen, all without being fed any hay.

This is a dispersion of all the ranch's 6 Year old cows. 60%+ of the cows are Home-Raised, they have purchased some cows for expansion from 1 ranch locally. Natural Service Bred to Indreland Angus and Pharo Cattle Co. Program is focused on growth and capacity genetics to pass on to our calves so our heifers will work in a year round grazing program but can also be marketed as grass yearlings where the remaining heifers and steers go. Bred from Aug 10-Oct 1 with projected calving dates from May 10-July 1. Nice set of Moderate framed cows bred for efficiency.

On a good Nutrition program, Free choice salt and mineral, supplement as needed. The best traits of these cattle are that the Cows are able to maintain excellent condition on a no-hay, year-round grazing program while calving and breeding back within our desired time frame. Calves have good growth and make desirable yearling grass cattle.

  • Representative and Contact Number Scott Robbie - 406.855.0534
  • Kind and Sex 6 YO Bred Cows
  • Sex Cows
  • Approx Head Count 30
  • Base Weight 1300
  • Approximate Shipping Date Tuesday, April 20, 2021
  • Breeds or Color Percentages 100% Black Angus
  • Weight Variance Uneven (+/-15%-20%)
  • Frame Size Medium
  • Flesh Condition Moderate
  • Vaccinations Program Modified Live and Red Water prior to breeding and then 8-way and poured at preg testing
  • Origin 60%+ Home Raised, 40% or less purchased from one ranch.
  • Feed Program Running out, Grazing on regrowth hay meadows, Dormant winter grass
  • Location Alder, MT, 48 miles S of Whitehall, MT; 220 miles W of Billings, MT
  • Age 6 YO
  • Readable Tattoo 100% Legible
  • Calving Dates May 10 - July 1
  • Pregnancy Check and Date Dec. 10 will recheck before delivery; Mountain View Vet Service 406-684-5831
  • Breeding Method and Sires Natural Service Indreland Angus and Pharo Cattle Co.

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