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Providing Grid-Quality & Performance

    We Deal with cattle all over Montana and will find cattle that best fit your operation.

      Our team specializes in marketing high-quality Montana feeder cattle. We feel that Montana has some of the highest quality beef cattle you can find in the United States. The combination of quality genetics, high-mountain climates, and the nutrition of mountain grasses coupled with strong management and dedication by Montana's ranching families creates a quality product with great potential for profitability.

        Whether you want...
      • Light calves for wheat pasture
      • Yearling steers for your family farm lot
      • A commercial order for 2,000 six-weight calves
      • Breeding Cows and Bulls

      The cattle that we deal with have great preconditioning programs that give them much more longevity in the feed yard setting. After leaving Montana, these cattle continue to perform through harsh heat and bitter cold, delivering a high-quality carcass in the process. The cattle we sell will perform so well that we encourage feeders to market the finished steers on a grid that rewards you for quality. Our team has experience selling on these grids and can visit with you about our experiences and how we evaluate grids if you haven't before.

      Why Buy with MCC?

      • "Cattle offered to us in the country are priced way too high"

        - Sellers would rather just set their price and sell with the least risk they can get. But they find and quote the highest prices paid off videos and auctions across the country. These prices can be misleading because they may not represent the same type of cattle with respect to delivery date, freight distance or any other qualities. On the other hand, Feeders also can find the lowest prices paid for cattle across the country, making no notes of quality or kind. This creates a huge disconnect between asking prices and offering prices, both of which are too high and too low respectively. MCC is committed to finding fair market value for sellers and potential for profitability for Feeders.
      • "When buying on the video sales I feel like they just bidding me up. I never know who I’m up against."

        - MCC and our brokers take great care to build relationships and be completely transparent with buyers and sellers. MCC and our sellers will not run up bids just for show. The first price is a guaranteed minimum reserve that sellers have agreed to prior to the exchange. You will also be able to see the town and state form where the other bidders are from.
      • “I want to deal with people I know.”

        - The Cattle Business is based on relationships and doing business with people you know. We know that feeders and buyers want to have a connection and or relationship with the people they are doing business with. MCC is a family run business just like most farms and ranches across the country. You can buy with confidence knowing that the Robbie family, our friends, customers and partners can be your ConneXion and a trusted partner when buying cattle!
      • "We don't like when on a video auction where we finally get something bought worth the money and they get P.O.’d!"

        - MCC sales are “First Bid Meets Reserve” so our buyers can be confident in getting what they bid on. Our brokers will have a "Suggested Reserve Price" that is a calculated value of the cattle based on current futures market value, but sellers must 100% agree and may price cattle higher based on their needs. Cattle priced higher than the market are much less likely to sell and will incur a PO fee.
      • “My order buyers bought me the most expensive video cattle they could find.”

        - This is something we hear quite often but you can cut out maybe one, two or three middlemen with Montana Cattle ConneXion. Our timed online auctions are set up in a format that many farmers and feeders have been buying & selling equipment with for years now. ConneXion Exchanges are open for several days and easy to use on your phone or on the computer. This ease of use allows feeders to still view and bid on cattle at your convenience throughout your busy day. You can also use the “Proxy Bid” feature to set your max bid and walk away. The proxy takes emotion out of the equation so you can be objective about your cattle buying process. Your high bid can’t be seen by anyone and will only keep you in the game and go higher if someone is bidding against you.

          MCC's Services also include:

        • Online Sales
        • Order Buying
        • Custom Weaning & Backgrounding
        • Short-Term Cattle Hotel & Procurement Point

        Visit with us about any needs you may have. Our backgrounding yard can hold and grow cattle to take advantage of heavy supplies. During peak times of the year we are in the sale barns every day filling feeder orders. This is our family business and we take great pride in our integrity and our ability to create lasting relationships. Feel free to contact us at anytime.

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