They Keys Every Cattle Producer Needs to Know to Sell your Cattle for the Highest Price!

The Problem so many ranchers face year after year....

"...You see, we are trying build a program that buyers would appreciate and they would want to buy my calves year after year. The problem is, we feel like we have a strong program and good genetics, the calves are healthy, but it's just so hard to get what we think they are worth!

We've sold in the country and on the videos but I just don't feel like the videos really represent me and the value of my calves! I've tried to no-sale the calves on the video but that's expensive and never seems to make a difference.

I even tried calling different order buyers to see if they would pay more. That didn't work at all. They end up bidding me less than what the video did! Then we start running out of time and October rolls around. I'm either forced to take a bid I'm uncomfortable with or maybe take them to the sale barn!

It's getting harder and harder to pay the bills. And we're not set up to wean them or feed them. We don't know how much longer we'll be able to keep doing this. There aren't any other options really..."

If any part of this story sounds familiar to you, here are the three "Keys" to successfully marketing your cattle and getting the highest price!



Give the most accurate information possible about your management, genetics, health, and nutrition program! This information gives buyers confidence that the cattle delivered will be healthy and have a quality foundation to build on!

If possible, include any historical data about past delivery weights, past feedlot performance, finishing weights and carcass quality. This important data gives buyers a better idea of how the cattle will perform so they can more accurately forecast costs and revenue!

Be Accurate about the condition and uniformity in the herd as well as what kind of sort they will get. Buyers want to get what they pay for. If the cattle show up looking a lot different than what was promised, they will very likely not want to do business with you again. You want to get what YOU pay for right?

Quality Video! - We can't stress enough how important quality video is to give buyers a real-life look at what they are buying. This is the only physical representation they will get of some cattle that will cost anywhere from $75,000 to $250,000. Then Feeders will spend everyday with those cattle for the next 4-9 months! If you had to spend $100,000.00 (or more) on ANYTHING but had to buy it sight-unseen, you probably would make your decisions on price alone!

There are certainly ways to ADD VALUE to your cattle as well.

Calling 3 or 4 cattle buyers and trying create competition barely ever works. It's an auction with only 3 or 4 buyers bidding you less! Besides they don't want to work very hard for you if they know you'll sell them out for a penny next year anyway.

Reaching Big Commercial feedlots isn't enough to create competition for your cattle either. Commercial yards are only looking for cattle of an average quality UNDER a certain price. It's all about volume. That's why big commercial yards like the big videos, there is a certain standard of quality and they can get lots of cattle bought under their price limits all in one shot.

The Farmer Feeders of the Mid West are generally more competitive to buy higher quality cattle because they are usually more efficient at feeding, they will get a better price in a quality grid or when selling to regional, quality-oriented packers.

If Buyers want your cattle but have to filter through 100 pages of a catalog, pick yours out of 100,000 head and happen to catch the two minutes that you're on the block, is that really the best way to make it easy for buyers?

If you work with a country order buyer, how many feeders will they contact about your cattle? 100? 20? Actually, it may only be two or three. Then, they probably won't make them bid against each other because he won't want to run the risk of making them mad. Otherwise, they might stop buying cattle from him altogether!

It's for these three main reasons that certain ranches build a reputation and always get a premium to the commodity market year after year. And you can too! Montana Cattle has adapted new technology to streamline the selling process and connect you with buyers. With the ConneXion Platform and Team of professional marketers, we can help you build relationships in the cattle business that benefit both Buyer & Seller!

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