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ConneXion Cattle Feeding Programs

    Our specialty at ConneXion is starting calves on feed and custom processing them in our backgrounding program. We also can develop and breed replacement heifers to help you capture more value from your heifer crop. Our yard can aslo serve as a procurement point and hold cattle for short-term hotel situations as well as long-term development. We have capabilities to finish cattle and get carcass data back for you.

    Please contact us if you have grain to sell. We are always in the market for corn, sprouted wheat and barley.

  • Custom Weaning & Backgrounding

    At ConneXion, we can wean your calves onto a feedlot starter ration, give them preferred vaccines, and get them over the 30-day health slump. When these calves arrive at the finishing yard, they will be healthy, hungry, and ready to gain and grow. Weaning is also a valuable option for ranchers on drought years to take pressure off the cow herd and gain weight to maximize calf values.

    For farmer feeders, we can take the bawl out of calves while you're busy harvesting in the fall. When you're ready for calves, they'll arrive healthy and on the gain! We can build loads from Sale barn orders and set target dates and target weights so you know exactly what you're getting!

  • Carcass Data Collection

    Our team has set up a new program to gather important feedlot performance and carcass data on your calves to give you the information and marketing tools you need to succeed. Today we can take a small sample of calves to feed out so you can gain this valuable information without sacrificing the calf check in the fall. In the past, it was challenging for producers to get information back on their calves. To remedy this problem, our team utilizes the facilities, personnel, and relationships we have built in the cattle industry to provide our customers with an opportunity to gather this important data. Because of cash-flow concerns and risk, it is difficult for a rancher with little feedlot experience to get started. We have all kinds of solutions to make sure you have a successful cattle feeding venture. We know how important this information is and we are so confident in Montana Genetics, we will finance feed, partner with you on the cattle, and even offer hedging and other risk-management options to help you through this process.

  • ConneXion Management

    We take great pride in our abilities as cattlemen to offer the best care and quality feed to animals under our management. Our feed, apart from Distiller Grains, all comes from relationships with local farmers living in the beautiful Yellowstone Valley. Rations are formulated by our consulting Nutritionist and vaccination programs are refined by Veterinarians and Animal Health experts. All of our personnel are BQA Certified and we believe in a low-stress but efficient manner of handling our stock whether on horseback or on foot.