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This is the process for buying or selling with Montana Cattle ConneXion.com. Read on, watch our videos, and see Frequently Asked Questions! After you see and understand the process, you can fill out our consignment form so a broker can contact you! You can also contact some of our reps below to answer any specific questions or get signed up!

  • Sign Up

    ConneXion Consignment Form Buyer Registration

    • Buyers: Create an Account to Register with us as a buyer. Personal Information isn't shared with anyone. We only ask for Bank Contact information to verify good standing to qualify as a buyer.

    • Sellers: Fill out our Consignment Form with all the important information about your cattle and the specific contract details. It's an Easy Step by Step Form that walks you through the most important information. You pick your own contract specifics including location, weigh-up, and slides! We gather as much information as we can so we can represent the cattle right!

      • Our team will proof and edit the information as needed. After we receive the Consignment Form, we will contact you about setting up a time to come video the cattle.

  • Cost

    • Montana Cattle ConneXion further adds value by cutting commission costs! With cutting edge technology we are able to pass the savings on to you! MCC is the least-cost Satellite Auction in the United States!

      • Seller Commission is only 1.5% on the gross sale of the cattle. Deducted at Delivery.
      • Consignment Fee is $4 per head with a Maximum fee of $700 Per Class. Non-refundable. Paid at Time of Video/prior to listing on the website.

        • (eg. Calves, Yearlings, Cows, Bulls). $4 per Head or $700 Total, Whichever is Less. MCC is the least-cost option for sellers! Total Commissions is still less than 2%!

  • Video

    • One of our brokers will travel out to the Ranch to visit with you and take professional video of the cattle. It's best to have the cattle caught in a corral or fence corner so we can take our time to get the best video possible. We know this isn't always easy to do but if this is the only physical representation of the cattle, we should do the best we can!

    • You can take the video yourself also. Just watch this Video of How to best Film Your Own Cattle.


  • Listing

    • After the information has been put together, your cattle will be advertised to our network of buyers! Our team and your broker will handle it from there! No more work is required on the seller's end. It's our job to go out and find the buyers looking for your cattle.


  •  ConneXion Exchange 

    • Cattle selling on our ConneXion Sales have the best opportunity to bring TOP DOLLAR thanks to our ability to reach buyers everywhere and the opportunity to buy in a low-stress environment!

    • Watch this Video to see how the Exchange is conducted!


  • Show List

    • The Online Show List is a method for MCC to advertise cattle to potential buyers for direct sale. Buyers have the opportunity to make silent offers to sellers.

    • Watch this Video to see how the Show List Works!


  • Finalize

    • Upon Closing of the Exchange or Accepting an Offer, You will be emailed your Sales Contract and a Down Payment will be mailed to you.

  • Delivery

    • On your Delivery Date, your broker will be at the delivery to weigh, sort and represent both yours and the buyer's interests. We will pay you the same day! Our goal is fairness to both sellers and buyers. When putting cattle together at delivery, our priority is to meet the CONTRACT GROSS WEIGHT specified in the contract, and find the line of best fit between average weight and head count.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Mission is to Market Quality Cattle with Integrity and get the best price for our sellers. To do this we sort the cattle to be exactly what was represented to the buyer because the buyer expects to get what he paid for. We do our best to describe, video and represent the cattle correctly at sale time and want them to be that way at delivery.
We've all been there, even in the middle of April we've froze ears on calves too. We know that sometimes it just doesn't matter how much you do, there will be a few or maybe a lot of frozen ears. Calves with frozen ears AND frozen tails CANNOT be accepted. This is because a froze up calf most likely has froze up feet and very likely lung damage as well. At a Feedlot between 800-900 lbs, cattle get moved on to a "hot" concentrate ration. If a calf's feet are weakened by freezing, they will likely develop Laminitis at a critical point in their lives. Foundering, coupled with the hotter weather, adds additional strain to the calf's lungs which may be compromised because of being born in cold tough conditions. This means the Frozen calf is most likely to fail just before the finish line. If a calf has MORE than 50% of the ear intact they will most likely be OK to make the truck (Situation Dependent, some calves with full or nipped ears can still show signs of frozen feet or lung damage later in the feeding period). Visit with us if you have some worries about frozen ears and we'll make a plan to help you work through it. Please be candid with the frozen ears situation. If we advertise no frozen or nipped ears, we will not ship ANY frozen ears. We will hold cattle at the levels you tell us. Our buyers want to buy top quality cattle and they expect to get what they pay for!.
MCC simply wants to make fair deals between buyers and sellers in hopes of building lasting relationships. We don't want to change the way you sell the cattle, as long as the conditions are fair for the buyers. MCC uses different slides for different situations and offers choices to sellers to reflect their confidence in weights and promote their cattle.
Once again, we strive to make the cattle as close to how we represented them as possible. At delivery we want to be as close as we can to the GROSS CONTRACT WEIGHT, while finding the line of best fit between uniformity, head counts and average weight.
The Online ConneXion Exchange, being a different process than a live auction cannot NO-SALE a Lot. However, we have the ability to set a minimum price reserve so cattle will not sell under a certain amount. This allows everyone to know where each other stands in terms of price. Buyers HATE when cattle are NO-SALE'd and are very unlikley to bid on those cattle at another time. Before Pricing the cattle online, MCC will calculate a suggested reserve price to show you the market value of your cattle. This price will be the point in which you are better off selling the cattle or would be better off to wait until a different market or feed them out at a custom yard.



Call or Text Our Team for Any Questions!

Scott Robbie - President of RCCI.

Scott handles Sale Barn Order Buying.


Boe Robbie - Sale Manager.

Boe leads our country cattle sales in Montana and Wyoming.


Mitzi Robbie - Administrator.

Mitzi has the most important job in the company, handling the accounting & invoicing.


Ethan Shultz - Feedlot Operator.

Ethan is our day to day operator and handles receiving of cattle and commodities.


Jason Swanz - Country Representative.

Jason is a third-generation rancher in the Judith Basin and is a reputation contact in the area.


Josh Becker - Country Representative.

Josh Ranches in Whitehall and is a point contact for all of Western Montana.




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