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5 Reasons Ranchers Struggle to Sell their Calves

  • “My country buyers just aren’t getting anything done.”

    -Speaking from the order buyer’s side, it is getting harder and harder to work country deals because buyers or sellers can easily access sales quotes instantly anytime or anywhere. Understandably, Sellers find and quote the highest prices paid off videos and auctions across the country. These high auction prices are the product of what can only be created by competition but can be misleading because they may not represent the same type of cattle with respect to delivery date, freight distance or other reasons. On the other hand, Feeders also can find the LOWEST prices paid for cattle across the country, making no notes of quality or kind. This creates a huge disconnect between asking prices and offering prices, both of which are too high and too low respectively. MCC is committed to finding fair market value for Ranchers and potential for profitability for Feeders. We guarantee a fair market reserve so no one will ever get cheated on price, and the price discovery that only competition can create.

  • "I don't feel like we are getting the exposure that our program deserves."
  • - Though we are in a commodity business, there are ways to market these programs to buyers who value quality. MCC and our brokers take great care to get good video representation of the cattle and properly describe them. We also want to sell more than just weights and head counts. We want to sell YOU and your program. Our advertising and marketing methods target specific segments of cattle feeders for different types of cattle.

  • "We don't like the stress at a live auction where we have 30 seconds to decide our paycheck for the year."

    - This is stressful for everyone. With MCC, you can set a reserve price prior to the sale. Our brokers will have a "Suggested Reserve Price" that is a calculated value of the cattle based on current futures market value. If you agree to price them at this price there will be no penalty or no-sale fees if the cattle don't bring at least that price. You however can name your own reserve for the cattle if you want. Cattle priced higher than the market are much less likely to sell and will incur a PO fee.

  • “I don't know who I'm selling to on the big video sales.”

    - The Cattle Business is based on relationships and doing business with people you know. We know that Montana Ranchers want to have a connection with the people buying their cattle. The big video reps rarely know any of the buyers bidding on the sale. We do our best to build relationships with you and the feeders we sell to. MCC specifically markets to a large network of family operated farmer feeders across the Midwest as well as large corporate yards. We are a family run business just like you and most ranches across Montana. You can sell with confidence knowing that the Robbie family, our friends, customers and partners can be your ConneXion and a trusted partner when selling your calves!

  • "We don't like paying too much commission!"

    - Margins are tight for everyone in the cattle business. Every dollar and every pound counts! Air time costs lots of money, but being a family owned business with new technology and almost unlimited online reach, our costs are less to operate and we can pass those savings on to our customers. We only charge 1.5% commission which is less than any other video auction in the country! This can save you $500+ per load or $6+ per head. Just another way MCC is working for Montana's Ranchers to add value!

    How We Market Cattle

  • Private Treaty & Forward Contracting
  • ConneXion Online Exchange
  • Cash Bids for Cattle delivered directly to CXN Feedyard (various times of year)
  • Risk Management, Hedging, Options, Price Insurance
Here's a 3 Minute Rundown on How MCC Works!

    Ready to Sell? Here's our Sign-Up Form with Information about our Upcoming Sales.

    NOTE: Number of Lots will limited on each sale. We have added an additional Sale to Accommodate the large number of Producers who haven't sold yet.

    Not ready for the Auction but want to get a country bid? Fill out the “Inquiry Form” so we can begin marketing your cattle directly to our network of farmer feeders that have a combined capacity of over 500,000 head in addition to commercial yard orders. There's no Obligation to sell through MCC.

    406.855.0051 - Boe Robbie - Sales Manager

    406.855.0534 - Scott Robbie - President/Head Cattle Buyer

    Mission Statement: We strive to market Montana's high-quality cattle with integrity, and share the western way of life.

    MCC Specializes in all of these areas and services...

    • Direct Ranch to Feeder Contracting
    • Internet Marketing
    • Online Private Auctions
    • 1,000 Head Feeding Capacity
    • Short-Term Cattle Hotel
    • Long-Term Custom Finishing
    • Custom Processing & Vaccinations
    • Feeder Procurement
    • Breeding Stock Procurement
    • Ranch Horse Procurement
    • Outdoor Arena and Event Barn
    • Stock Handling Clinics
    • Bull and Horse Sales
    • Horsemanship Training
    • Ranch Rodeos & Ranch Ropings
    • Lil' Wrangler Spills & Spurs Youth Rodeos
    • Feedlot & Carcass Performance Data

    Our People

    It takes a crew to deliver the quality and service we strive for! We have great respect for the people in our industry and our people know and have experienced the challenges we all face together. Feel free to contact any of our people to visit about markets or strategies!

    Scott Robbie - President of RCCI. Scott handles sale barn orders and our futures market hedging.


    Boe Robbie - Sales Manager. Boe leads our country sales & procurement and feedlot programs.


    Mitzi Robbie - Administration. Mitzi is responsible for feedlot billing and Invoices for country cattle.


    Ethan Shultz - Feedlot Operator. Ethan is our day to day operator and handles receiving of cattle and commodities.


    Jason Swanz - Country Rep. Jason is a third generation rancher in the Judith basin and is a point contact in the area.


    Josh Becker - Country Rep. Josh is our newest country rep. Ranches in Whitehall and is a point contact for the valley.


    Online Exchange

    Robbie Cattle Company is opening the door on new marketing opportunities and investing in the future of Montana’s Beef Industry! We are excited about the new changes and methods we will introduce to add value for our customers. We are no longer just another cattle marketing company but focus on becoming a leader in online cattle sales. MCC will continue to offer Experience, Innovation and Flexibility to our customers and strive to improve our product for consumers across the country.

    Montana feeder cattle are the best in the world and deserve a premium marketplace! Today we use online marketing to help expose your cattle to more potential buyers. Our online marketplace is the new way to market cattle, much like the eBay of the cattle world.

    Benefits of Montana Cattle ConneXion.com:

    • Building Relationships in the Cattle Business, Benefiting both Buyer and Seller! You get to deal with professional brokers that want to build a partnership with you. They represent you at delivery time and do their best to follow up on the cattle later in the year to develop relationships with buyers. We work hard to match your cattle to their programs to help create value and profitability for both of you! Cattle sell to buyers that we know, so you have the same confidence as if you were selling to a local order buyer.

    • Buyer Competition means Higher Prices, and Less Commission means More Dollars for You! Our Exchange is advertised across the country every month to buyers from California to Minnesota, Idaho to Texas and everywhere between. Come Sale time, only approved buyers will be able to bid on your cattle so you can sell with confidence. During these sales the bidders will be visible to you and other buyers for transparency and confidence that there are no games and the true market value will be realized!

    • Take Away the Stress & Sell with Confidence! These exchanges will help to get the most value from your crop in today's rapidly changing market with extremely volatile futures markets. Across all industries buyers prefer buying online because it's fast and easy. The cattle business is no different! They want to get all they need with minimal effort online. Don't price out to different buyers and have them each bid you less, put them on our online exchange and let them all bid you more! Your broker will be with you every step.

    The MCC Advantage

  • A more personal approach to video and marketing to help capture the value of your cattle and your program!
  • A broker that works closely with you to help build a marketing plan to fit your operation and meet your goals!
  • Aggressive marketing by our Brokers to find feeders and programs that want your cattle!
  • Low-Stress selling with reserves set prior to the exchange so you don't have to make the split-second selling decision!
  • If bids don't meet our suggested reserve, you won't pay a no-sale fee and we will continue to work for you to get a deal done!
  • Less commission puts more money towards your bottom line!

  • To post a Classified ad in our marketplace, Sign in or Register a new account and visit the Classified Market Page. This is a great place to market small groups of cows, heifers or bulls to other local ranchers. You can also sell feed, equipment and other ranch related products across this platform. This page is continuously advertised across Montana and Northern Wyoming to other ranchers and farmers.

  • This ability to help market your cattle is also allowing us the opportunity to conduct special sales for all occasions!

      What Else does MCC do?

    • Registered Bull Sales
    • Horse Sales
    • Herd Dispersion Auctions
    • Are You a Corporate Ranch Manager? We can conduct “One-Iron” feeder cattle sales just featuring your cattle. Don’t be a blip on the radar, have a special sale devoted to your brand!
    • Retirement Sales of Farm and Ranch equipment are all areas where we can help you to increase profitability!