Armstrong Angus Production Bull Sale - December 4-9th

47 head, 2 year old, Forage Developed, Black Angus Breeding Bulls!

"Where can you find me 2 Year Old Angus Bulls? They Get the Job Done Better!" - J. Gentry, Colorado Cattleman

As feeder cattle buyers and helping market the Armstrong Angus calves every year, ConneXion is proud to be hosting the Armstrong Angus Annual Bull Sale! Selling these 2 Year-Old Bulls are Armstrong's Program Every Year! Developed on Grass and Hay so they know how to work. Unlike the hard-fed bull you won't recognize at the end of the summer, Armstrong's Bulls will winter easy and get back to work in the Spring! There is a tremendous amount of value in these Bulls. The character and values the Armstrong's live by every day shows in the cattle they offer! Once you take a Bull or Bred Heifer home, you will like them more everyday you have them! Join us in helping make this a successful Sale!

Hello Everyone,
We trust that you are all getting along OK in spite of the turmoil our country is going through this year. We just never can guess what is going to happen. We can only trust that our Lord Jesus has a plan for everything even if we can’t understand what that plan is.

This year due to Covid 19 and the possibility of bad roads the day of the sale, we have chosen to do the sale through the internet with our host being Montana Cattle ConneXion. The bidding starts Monday December 7th and lots will start closing Wednesday, December 9th at 1pm. If you have trouble working with the internet please let us know and we would be more than happy to help you. Your trust in our program and past support means a lot to us. We welcome you to be with us at the ranch for lunch the day of sale closing, but respect and support your concern of sickness if you choose not to come and bid over the internet instead. You are more than welcome to come look at the cattle anytime, just give Chad a call 406-224-0586.

Our cattle program is based on maximum profit, lowering input costs, optimum performance and most importantly fertility. We appreciate pounds (weaning/yearling weights, carcass premiums and milk production ) but want cows to rebreed with less bull power to maximize profits. Our cattle must have strong maternal traits. We want cows to calve on their own and yet be a pleasure to work around. They need to be good mothers with good udders to get their calves going. The calves need to have vigor when born to get going. Life is more pleasurable when the cows take care of themselves.

Once again we thank you for your interest and would be glad to assist you if we can. We pray for your safety and good health.

The Armstrong’s

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You will be able to bid online on the Bulls when the Sale opens on Monday, December 7th until Bids begin Closing on Wednesday, December 9th at 1:00pm.

Bulls will be available to view on Sale Day or by appointment prior to the sale. There will still be a lunch
and social at the Ranch at 12:00pm on Wednesday, December 9th.

Contact Montana Cattle ConneXion before the sale with any questions.

ConneXion Reps will be present at the sale to lend any support!

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  Starts 12/4/2020 1:00:00 AM MT
  First Lot Closes 12/9/2020 1:15:00 PM MT (# of Lots: 61)
This Auction Uses Proxy Bidding.
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